Monday, September 28, 2015

New MOA and By-laws renew PCAARRD's support to WESVAARRDEC

Borne out of the Tagaytay Joint Consortium Director and RRDCC  Chairperson meeting held  in April 2015, the Philippine Council for Agriculture and Natural Resources Research and Development  affirmed its support to the consortium  through a confirmation of Memorandum of Agreement and By-laws signed  between PCAARRD, WESVAARRDEC and host institution West Visayas State University during the Special RRDCC meeting held  last September 23, 2015 at Iloilo Midtown Hotel. The new agreements supercede previous MOA and By-laws signed. The new MOA indicates PCAARRD's financial support to the consortium for the last quarter of the year as based on  expected deliverables and commitments.

Likewise Dr. Danilo E. Abayon  of Aklan State University was re-elected as RRDCC Chairperson while Dr. Victor E. Navarra was elected as Vice-chairperson. As stipulated in the by-laws, a seven- member executive board was created composed of the following:

Executive Director- Dr. Danilo E. Abayon of Aklan State University (RRDCC Chairperson)
Deputy Director-Dr. Victor E. Navarra of Antique (RRDCC Vice-chairperson)
Agriculture representative- Dr. Joyce Wendam of Department of Agriculture RO 6
Aquatic representative- Dr. Rommel A. Espinosa of University of the Philippines -Visayas
Forestry representative-Dr. Luis M. Sorolla of West Visayas State University
Representative at Large- Dr.  Editha Magallanes of Capiz State University
Representative  at Large- Ma. Regina B. martin of Sugar Regulatory Administration
Treasurer- Dr. Editha Magallanes of Capiz State University
Ex-officio Member and Board Secretary- Dr. Noeni S. Nepomuceno, Consortium Director 

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