Monday, May 19, 2014

Dr. Abayon of Aklan State University is new RRDCC Chairperson

by Christy Amular

Dr. Danilo E. Abayon, President of  Aklan State University  is the new Regional Research and Development Coordinating Council (RRDCC) Chairperson effective October 1, 2013 to June 30, 2015.  As Vice-Chairperson of the RRDCC, he succeeds Dr. Pablo E. Subong  of West Visayas State University who retired from public service last November 2, 2013.

Dr. Abayon  holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science (Animal Science, Horticulture) from Central Mindanao University  and  Educational Management from University of San Agustin.  He also holds a Diploma in Tropical  Animal Production  from Van Hall Larenstein  University for Professional Education from the Netherlands and master’s  degrees in Agricultural Science (Animal Science) and Agricultural Education from Central Mindanao University and  Aklan Agricultural College.  His baccalaureate degree in agricultural education became the springboard of a highly technical and dynamic career that enabled him to rise from ranks  to become the first Aklanon and first alumnus to be become President of Aklan State University.  His 33 years of government service  was dedicated  to the teaching profession in which 17 years was spent in administrative work serving various capacities and positions such as Dean of the College of Agriculture and Campus Executive Director.  

As educator and scientist, he has made notable contributions and innovations  such as laying the groundwork for entrepreneurship innovation in animal production technologies for students. He  is also instrumental  in helping access assistance from funding agencies.  During his stint as Dean of the College of Agriculture,  two varietal selections namely, “Aguilar I” rambutan and “Helmar” pomelo  were credited to ASU. He was also able to develop his own fruit variety selection called Angel Sweet rambutan (NSIC Rb 07) which is a registered Philippine fruit variety. Dr. Abayon was also instrumental in the publication of ASU's first technical journal, "The ASU Journal of Agricultural Resources Management" in 2003 and the accreditation of the university's agriculture program thus paving the way for ASU  to be declared as a center of development. 

The new RRDCC Chair  also has extensive experience in the administration and implementation of unique extension methodologies such as the Isla Kapispisan mangrove reforestation, aquasilviculture and ecotourism project  which garnered multiple awards. The extension modality of the said project was later translated into a  policy- a municipal ordinance for fishery.

Dr.  Abayon was also a recipient of  the "Educational Leadership Award," an international recognition given in Singapore  last July 31, 2014 for his contribution in helping develop leaders in education. He was also a recipient of various local and international scholarship and fellowship grants, most notably the MS Scholarship Grant from USAID-AEOP, Royal Dutch Government Fellowship Program,  Ph.D. Scholarship by CHED-FAPE and Ph.D. scholarship by the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges. His expertise in his chosen field was further honed  by more than a hundred training programs, conferences and conventions  in the Philippines and abroad. Dr. Abayon's work on the improvement of farming practice for goat and chicken raising has been mainstreamed in Philippine native animal species research. His other research activities focused on his cognate fields in horticulture and production economics such  as native pineapple for fiber production. He has also significantly contributed to extension work through the administration of extension programs and sharing of his expertise as resource speaker, trainer and facilitator. To date, he has presented and published at least six international research papers and about 22 papers in the local and national level.

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