Thursday, October 18, 2012

WESVARRDEC’s 22nd RSRDH: A showcase of outstanding trends and breakthroughs

By Deodith Grace Honrado-Baticbatic & Sally R. Villasis
RACG Staff & Coordinator 

(22nd RSRDH guests, participants, evaluators and facilitators)
Photo from Capiz Provincial Press Bureau

“This gathering of all researchers of state colleges and universities and other private     agencies in Western Visayas will undoubtedly be a showcase of outstanding trends and breakthroughs in various scientific and academic endeavours.I commend everyone who has done a painstakingly good job in ensuring that we assemble the best and the brightest minds not only in the region, but in the whole country as well to explore new technologies that will create a great impact leading to continued progress and sustainable development.” 

This is the message of the Regional Research and Development Coordinating Council Chair Dr. Joel P. Limson during the 22nd Regional Symposium on Research and Development Highlights held on October 8, 2012 at Dadivas Hall, Capiz State University in Roxas City. 

This year’s RSRDH aimed to present the most significant R&D findings among Consortium’s Member Agencies in Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources. It also provided a venue for the sharing of knowledge and experiences among researchers to foster collaboration and integration of multi-agency undertakings. Likewise, the symposium aimed to select outstanding technologies generated in agriculture and natural resources for awarding purposes and nomination on potentially mature technologies.

Dr. Editha L. Magallanes, Capiz State University (CapSU) president welcomed the guests, participants, evaluators and facilitators of the event. The opening program was graced by Governor Victor A. Tanco who expressed his commitment in supporting the development of agricultural sector through the conduct of researches to further enhance the economy.

Present also during the occasion is the Representative of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD’s), Dr. Dalisay Fernandez, University of the Philippnes Visayas Chancellor Dr. Rommel Espinosa and the new President of the Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges (PASUC), Dr. Luis Sorolla.

This 22nd RSRDH had gathered some 34 Research Papers from different Partner Member Agencies.  Of these, 19 papers are under the Natural/Biological Research Category, 13 papers on the Social Science Category and one entry for the Developmental Category. Likewise, the Poster Category has 21entries.

22nd RSRDH Winners
Winners of the 22nd Regional Symposium on Research and Development Highlights
Dadivas Hall, Capiz State University, Roxas City
08 October 2012


Best Paper
Utilization of BeauveriaBassiana as Biocontrol for Fruitflies  (BactoceraPhilippinensis) through Autodissemination
Authors: Helen G. Bignayan, Ruth F. Jardeleza, Genoveva G. Macahilo
Agency: DA-BPI National Mango Research and Development Center

1st Runner-up
Physico-Chemical assessment of the Jalaur River System, Iloilo Philippines
Authors: Ilda G. Borlongan, Nelson V. Golez and FelizardoLorque
Agency: Central Philippine University

2nd Runner-up
Breed Method Used in Somatic Cell Count as Quality Index of Locally Produced Milk
Authors: Christian Acaba, Andy Montaňo, SandeCaňete and Ma. Corazon G. Acaba
Agency: University of Negros Occidental-Recoletos

Dr. Alicia L. Lustica, DENR
Dr. Crisanto S. Lopez, WVSU
Dr. Nancy J. Fajutrao, CHED


Best Paper
Socio-economic Characteristics of Human Settlements and the Impact of  Anthropogenic Activities in Ilog-Hilabangan River System
Authors: Mae Flor Posadas, Milagros Sabidalas,  Virgilio R. Aguilar
Agency:  Negros State College of Agriculture      

1st Runner-Up
Human Resource Inventory and Environmental Scanning of Agriculture, Fishery and Natural Resources Sector in Western Visayas
Authors: Roel A. Alli and Salvacion R. Villasis
Agency:  West Visayas State University and Aklan State University

2nd Runner-Up
Socio-economic  Profile, Cultural Practices and Farming Systems Among Upland Rice Farmers in the Province of Capiz
Authors: Evelyn L. Gregorio, Geronimo L. Gregorio, Editha L. Magallanes, Rector John A. Latoza
Agency: Capiz State University 
Dr. Ma. Lulu L. Loyola, WVSU
Prof. Joseph Edward O. Idemne, UPV
Dr. Diego M. Malones,


1st  Runner-up
Varietal Collection, Identification and Characterization of Indigenous Upland Rice in the Province of Capiz
Agency: Capiz State University
2nd Runner-up
Socio-Economic Profile, Cultural Practices and Farming  Systems Among Upland Rice Farmers  in the Province of Capiz
Agency: Capiz State University 

3rd Runner-up
Growth and Yield Attributes of Aromatic Indigenous Upland Rice Varieties in the Province of Capiz
Agency: Capiz State University 

Dr. Raul L. Ticar, CapSU
Dr. Noeni S. Nepomuceno, WESVARRDEC

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