Tuesday, June 07, 2011

“Business knowledge key to enterprise development”–PCARRD

By Isaac T. Abello, Staff

Regional Applied Communications Group (RACG)


During the Regional Techno Gabay Summit and Technomart sponsored by the Western Visayas Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium (WESVARRDEC) at the Amigo Plaza Mall in Iloilo City recently, Prof. Cesar Frias, assistant director of the Applied Communications Division (ACD) of the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCARRD), shared key insights for business and marketing.

Speaking before farmer producers, farmer scientists, researchers, extension workers and other stakeholders from across Western Visayas, Frias stressed that being an entrepreneur or agri-preneur requires one to have the basic knowledge before engaging or committing in any type of enterprise—small or big. For Frias, it is imperative that aspiring entrepreneurs be equipped with business intelligence to avoid failures and lapses.

PCARRD ACD Assistant Director Cesar Frias (right) updates information on mango processing technology by MS Rebecca Tubongbanua (left) during the Techno Gabay Summit. According to Frias, PCARRD deems business intelligence important in enterprise building

According to Frias, food industry should be priority concern because it is one of the biggest sector contributors in our economy, even as food is everyone’s fundamental resource. Frias added that agriculture is “the central and foundational craft of economies.”

Citing the four aspects of marketing—product, price, distribution, and marketing, the PCARRD ACD assistant director said that individuals or groups venturing into business must consider quality ingredients and comprehensive research and development as primary factors to attain and produce worthy products.

While innovation and packaging of products are also crucial to product development, market scenarios and trends should also be considered. These include consumer preferences like the fortification of food with vitamins and other healthy ingredients, organically produced and new flavor introduction. To best distribute the products, Frias cites neighborhood stalls, small stores, open market, and supermarkets as the best outlets to sell them.

The regional Technomart was joined by the consortium’s Partner Member Agencies (PMAs) and Farmer Information Technology Services (FITS) Centers across the region.

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