Thursday, April 14, 2011

DA 6 shares R.A. 10068 to Dao, Capiz

By Niño S. Manaog
University Extension Associate
Capiz State University

During the Seminar on Mitigating Climate Change Impact in Agriculture Through Organic and Natural Farming Technology held in Lolet’s Eco Park in barangay Duyoc, Dao, Capiz on March 16, 2011, Dr. Hector Peñaranda, officer-in-charge of the Specials Concerns and Institutional Development Unit of the Department of Agriculture (DA) Region 6, zoomed in on practices which the farmers can adopt to fully participate in the advocacy campaign for climate change.

Among other measures, local farmers can implement changes in cropping pattern; adoption of appropriate technology; establishment of adjustment crops; alternative livelihood; buffer stocking which provides for the farming resiliency in dire times; and organic farming.

Peñaranda also discussed the nitty-gritty of the effects of agro-climatic in-disease. Peñaranda cited the gross emission of greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide, methane and carbon dioxide most probably produced by agricultural sector worldwide. “We can only limit, mitigate but not stop [the adverse effects of] climate change,” Peñaranda said.

DA’s Peñaranda covered discussions of the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010, otherwise known as Republic Act 10068, citing that there is an urgent need to campaign, promote, and practice organic farming practices by institutionalizing it through the government agencies concerned.

According to Peñaranda (right photo), DA Region 6 recently partnered with three NGOs—two in Negros Occidental, one in Iloilo—jointly pursuing organic agriculture campaigns and advocacies. Such partnerships will allow for more participation and implementation of organic agriculture advocacy and development plans.

Five municipalities in Capiz applied for organic agriculture programs seeking grants for implementation. Penaranda urged the Capiz constituents to work toward realizing it.

Peñaranda presented the hierarchy and the mechanisms involved in the regional implementation of the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010. As per the said law, DepEd is also urged to have Organic Agriculture embedded across the learning curricula.

In the same initiative attended by some 80 participants representing many sectors in Dao, Capiz, FITS Dao Manager Susan Dordas also lectured on the global climatic events brought about by climate change, citing likewise the causes, effects and impact of the said phenomenon on agriculture industry.

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