Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Partner member agencies assess, plan for 2011-2016

To assess their performance and plan for their involvement in the consortium's projects and programs under the new Science & Technology Agenda of PCARRD, some 34 participants from 13 different Partner Member Agencies (PMA) of WESVARRDEC joined the PMA Assessment and Planning Meeting at the Sarabia Manor Hotel and Convention Center in Iloilo City on October 12–13, 2010.

Nine Techno Gabay Team Leaders (TGTL), six RACG representatives, 7 RMIS representatives, seven accountants, two administrative personnel, one Center Director and one FITS Manager represented ASU, BPI-NMRDC, CapSU, CHMSC, CPU, DA 6, DA-ATI RTC 6, DENR 6, GSC, PCA, PCC, UA, UPV and WVSU .

Of the 16 PMAs, eleven presented their reports while the TG team leaders of three PMAs vowed to submit their reports after the meeting. NIPSC and NSCA were not represented.

PCARRD noted an increase in the database content build-up of the FITS Centers and the IEC materials packaging of technology. The evaluation of Magsasaka Siyentista has also been fast-tracked. This means that there will be more upcoming coordination between PMAs and FITS Centers.

PCARRD likewise observed that most PMAs were not able to fully utilize their funds. Almost all PMAs replied that they have difficulty with processing the release of their funds with the accountants who are not familiar with the utilization of the line item budget components of the FITS and PMA finances. The PMAs and WESVARRDEC promised to check their individual financial statements and reconcile them with the releases made. PMAs were thus requested to liquidate as soon as possible.

PCARRD was represented by Dr. Arturo Argañosa , Acting Director of the Technology Outreach and Promotion Division (TOPD), Ms. Theresita Abella, TGP Point Person and Ms. Yolanda Tanyag, Senior Science Research Specialist.

In behalf of PCARRD, Argañosa introduced Pinoy S&T Services for Farmers and Entrepreneurs (PSF), a new modality that acknowledges that “commerciable” products are the endpoints of R&D.

Recognizing the inadequate supply of raw materials, lack of markets, and lack or inaccessibility of information, PSF addresses these with its three components. The Science and Technology-Based Farms (STBF) would be the source of raw material, the Technomart (TM) will be charged of pushing products to markets, and the One-Stop-Information Service (OSIS) will be the source of Information and Technology services.

According to Argañosa, the convergence of the three components is hoped to create science and technology-based enterprises and eventually put “science in every product.”

For his part, WESVARRDEC Director Joseph Idemne underscored the importance of value-adding in the innovations and products through their functionality and packaging. Idemne cited that the Science and Teachnology-Based Farm (STBF) of MS Norberto Ceballos of Maasin FITS Center recently developed a deodorizer basket made of thin bamboo sheets priced at P30.00.

Idemne encouraged the PMAs to do things promptly and accordingly and to utilize the funds provided for the projects. According to Idemne, WESVARRDEC is working hard to guide the consortium members in the right direction.

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