Thursday, December 03, 2009

MS, FITS products shine in PCARRD’s 37th anniversary

By Cora Navarra and Niño Manaog
Regional Applied Communications

It was a job well done.

Or more aptly, a prolific display of the consortium’s (Western Visayas Agriculture and Resources Research and Development Consortium) “unwavering support” to PCARRD.

During PCARRD’s 37th Anniversary Celebration on November 9–13, 2009 at the PCARRD headquarters in Los Baños, Laguna, WESVARRDEC brought and promoted numerous products from the various FITS centers across Western Visayas, an effort which gained appreciation from PCARRD’s Applied Communication Division (ACD) headed by Director Lily Ann Lando.

Through the efforts of the Regional Applied Communication Committee (RAC), WESVARRDEC brought some six groups of products and commodities from various FITS centers, which were included in PCARRD’s “Food for the Table” and “Export Winners” exhibits on its newly inaugurated One-Stop Information Shop (OSIS).

These products included Magsasaka Siyentista (MS) Amelia Rentillo’s photo and certificate frames and table runners made from raffia and abaca fibers and fossilized soursop leaves. Rentillo represented the Farmers Information and Technological Services (FITS) Center in Banga, Aklan. Novelty products made from corn waste by the Creative Young Corn Crafters Association (CYCCA) of FITS Center in Batad, Iloilo included flower pieces made by FITS Manager Eva Montero’s students in the Northern Iloilo Polytechnic State College (NIPSC) which have virtually served as table centerpieces across PCARRD’s OSIS.

PCARRD employees (above right) cannot seem to get enough of this FITS Batad corn husk flower centerpiece which adorned the OSIS.

These PDDCP-assisted folding bamboo slats
(below left) made by MS Norberto Ceballos occupied the time of PCHI contingent led by Executive Director Salvio Valenzuela, Jr.

The Maasin bamboo products also performed well. MS Norberto Ceballos’s folding bamboo slats whose designs and settings were improved by the Product Development and Design Center of the Philippines (PDDCP) in September this year likewise adorned PCARRD’s OSIS. The two sets were all purchased by PCARRD employees. Also, the condiments trays by Jovic Maido properly laid out the bottle products on display and even impressed BCARRD’s RACO Coordinator Marissa Estrella who purchased six pieces of the products for their pili oil bottles.

MS Ramon Peñalosa’s Monchito’s probiotic pork from FITS OPA Negros Occidental was served in PCARRD’s Multipurpose Cooperative Canteen (PMPCC) while the salad dressings sold out and gained good feedback from visitors, among them, Philippine Chamber of Handicraft Industries, Inc. (PHCI) Executive Director Salvio Valenzuela, Jr.

Meanwhile, efforts contributed by FITS Moises Padilla similarly did not go unnoticed. All novelty products shipped by Information Service Specialist (ISS) Danlee Mangao from the far-fetched Negros Occidental town caught the attention of ACD Assistant Director Cesar Frias, who even brought the resinated hot pads, lacquer ware and trophies (made with rice hull, banana trunks and coco shells) to the MEGMA exhibit in Megamall in the following week.

Among others, the McNester products of MS Rebecca Tubongbanua made one of the best impressions. On the last day of exhibit when every consortium has already packed, two cross-visitors from Nueva Ecija bargained with WESVARRDEC to buy the famed yellow ketchup and mango sauce which were left on OSIS display.

Most important, WESVARRDEC brought MS Rebecca Tubongbanua’s mango processing technology who generously shared her mango sauce recipe to the PCARRD employees and guests for two days. Tubongbanua’s mango sauce cooking gained favorable feedback from free tasters who seemed not to get enough of the new taste rendered by Tubongbanua’s innovative dish. The spaghetti treat in which mango sauce was used was well received by young and old alike. In a survey form prepared by WESVARRDEC RAC, it was observed that most fellow consortia members liked the taste of the dishes prepared.

Even CVARRD's RAC Coordinator Vanessa Carriedo (above left) cannot resist these McNester's succulent mango treats--mango ketchup and mango jam--which are always bestsellers.

At this writing, WESVARRDEC’s efforts to promote FITS and MS products are currently getting further mileage. The products which made substantial sales in the anniversary are now consigned in PCARRD Multipurpose Cooperative Canteen while MS Tubongbanua has again been invited to have her product demo again in a media press conference to be hosted by PCARRD in the third week of December.


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